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PYFA Objectives

At its strategic planning session in September, PYFA leadership discussed the current stated objectives of the organization and evaluated them by dividing them into four categories. As they sought to streamline the objectives and make them relevant, they created objectives below which will be presented to the Board at its October meeting for consideration and discussion. We welcome input from members.

• To communicate with stakeholders, individuals and organizations outside of PYFA.

• To provide instructional opportunities (either in a classroom or on−site settings) with support from professionals to aid agriculturalists in maximum efficiency.
•To educate the consumer in the areas of agriculture that affect the health, safety and welfare of the public.
•To provide those in production and agribusiness careers the necessary support for sound business organization, record keeping, farm laws, estate planning, etc.

•To provide state officer leadership training.
•To provide leadership training for all members.
•To provide state officer leadership training, as well as provide leadership development for all members.

•Provide educational networking opportunities through recreational and social activities.
•To communicate and partner with agricultural organizations to enhance e cooperation and learning at all levels of agricultural education.

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Dr. Lisa Holden led PYFA′s leadership in a day long session of reviewing the mission statement and objectives and planning for a more dynamic future for PYFA. PYFA leadership worked diligently and thoughtfully as they met in State College in September.