Pennsylvania Young Farmers is a group committed to education and promotion of environmentally appropriate production, marketing, and processing of food, feed and fiber. Our adult education in agriculture program provides individual and group organized instruction to agriculturists and consumer public in the local community. Specifically, the program is designed to assist those in production, agriculture, and agribusiness to become successfully established or to improve their current agricultural status. Also, an educational focus is to improve understanding and communication between the consumer public and the agricultural community regarding common concerns and issues.

"A Young Farmer is Any Farmer Willing to Learn"

President's Message

Greetings from Gettysburg!  A group of us have gathered to begin our conference planning for February 2023 in Gettysburg. Our fields are growing greener, the trees are beginning to blossom and the Martins are making their way north! A certain sign that longer, warmer days are here. It is my hope that we are all ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that the coming growing season will undoubtedly present. May we all have a safe planting season and always find time to appreciate and enjoy our many blessings. 

Take Care,

Becky Nas